Poor People Catch Hell

Part 1: The Injustice of Privatized Probation Services

In a series of articles, we will introduce you to citizens trapped in the system. One is a mother who now lives under the constant threat of arrest, because she must choose between her children and paying for “probation.” Through their stories you will learn about the two systems of justice in Birmingham. You will learn about the Boards that implemented these systems, the Judges that feed them, and the people that fuel them.Click Here to read more.

Part 2: Birmingham Caught in The Privatization Trap

In a recent interview with former Presiding Judge of Birmingham Municipal Court, Raymond Chambliss lamented, “poor people catch hell.” Judge Chambliss contrasted the two systems. Some persons can afford to pay a $200.00 fine up front; and as a consequence their cases would be dismissed that day. But for those who cannot pay up front, they remain on probation, accumulating fees until such time as all fees are paid. Click here to read more.

Part 3: Single Mother of Two Fights to Stay Free of Debtor's Prison

This is the story of how a single mother was abused by for-profit justice and how a “probation loan” turned into an arrest warrant. In the following report, Chade reflects on the hardship imposed on her by Judicial Correction Services (JCS) and the Hoover Municipal Court. Read below the story of how the judicially sponsored profit venture padded their pockets with hundreds of dollars from a single mother of two. The following report unfolded in Valinda Chappell’s interview of Chade. Chade has asked that her identity not be disclosed but has agreed to allow us to tell her story.Click here to read more.

Part 4: Free Chade

In 2009, Chade Evans was given two traffic citations; following too close and driving with a suspended license. November 1, 2011, she paid $1,380 to Hoover.
In August 2012, she now faces the prospect of serving 90 days in the Hoover City jail and additional payment of fines and costs in excess of $2,000.
She may also be asked to pay JCS for private probation "services."Click here to read more.

Part 5: An Unholy Alliance

Educational classes can certainly be beneficial. They can also be a cash cow for the organization contracted to provide them. Is the City of Birmingham helping to feed the JCS cow? Click here to read more.