Birmingham Board Files Copy-Cat Affidavits Essentially Conceding That SInce 2004 They Have Not Adhered to The Board Salary Schedule

Read below the latest filing by two secretaries who claim that they were underpaid for years because of the actions of the Birmingham Board, Superintendent, and CFO.

The Birmingham Board's Response to Employee Pay Claims - Hire More Lawyers!

The Birmingham Board and its leadership are the target of increased numbers of lawsuits filed by employees for unfair pay practices in violation of state and federal law.
The Board's response seems to be to hire more lawyers rather than to address systemic violations of employment pay practices.
The filing below represents just one of the many lawsuits currently before the Courts.
The Plaintiffs are school secretaries who were arbitrarily selected to have their pay reduced by the Board of Education.

Dr. Gear Tells Probate Clerks "Follow The Golden Rule!"

On September 10, 2013 Dr. Gear gave a speech to the Alabama Chief Probate Clerk's Conference on the basics of Labor Law. 
In the speech, Dr. Gear advised the clerks that the best way to avoid expensive litigation is to follow the Golden Rule. "Despite
shifts in the law, we can take comfort in this stable reality: there are fundamental
principles that effective employers follow when addressing workplace issues. These
fundamentals are easy to understand and are the foundation of all labor laws.

Charles Yates Honored as Part of the BMA Department of the Year

Yates and Company

Charles Yates, who recently filed a complaint with the EEOC about the discriminatory treatment he suffered while working at City Hall, has been honored as part of the Maintenance Department of the Birmingham Museum of Art. The Maintenance Department was recognized as the department of the year. For more information, visit the museum's website here.

Update on Spidle’s Federal Court Litigation: Progress stalled in Civil Rights Movement.

Despite the recent flurry of ceremonies and construction of monuments in celebration of 50 years of progress, Birmingham City stands accused of racial discrimination in a federal lawsuit filed by Virginia Spidle on January 11, 2013.  Spidle, the City’s Chief Accountant, a 24 year City employee was wrongfully terminated twice by the City, once in 2010 and the second time weeks after the Jefferson County Personnel Board ordered her reinstatement in 2012. The City has since invited her back to work. She is now assigned to the City’s Public Work Department.