The Birmingham Board's Response to Employee Pay Claims - Hire More Lawyers!

The Birmingham Board and its leadership are the target of increased numbers of lawsuits filed by employees for unfair pay practices in violation of state and federal law.
The Board's response seems to be to hire more lawyers rather than to address systemic violations of employment pay practices.
The filing below represents just one of the many lawsuits currently before the Courts.
The Plaintiffs are school secretaries who were arbitrarily selected to have their pay reduced by the Board of Education.
Former Superintendent Witherspoon and CFO Watts began paying Plaintiffs Smith and Street less money than other employees who did the same job.
Both Plaintiffs had a decade or more experience but were paid like fresh new inexperienced employees.
This lawsuit seeks to have that inequity corrected.
For more information, please read the court filing below.

SMith and Street Count II Stamped MSJ

Smith and Street Motion for Summary Judgment Stamped Copy