Covers The American Thinker and The Collapse of Birmingham

The Birmingham News/ has picked up the American Thinker article about the Collapse of Birmingham. The News' Joseph Bryant first covered the story on Friday here. Saturday, Bryant spoke with John T. Bennett the author of the original piece and published that interview in a follow up here.

The American Thinker Says Virginia Spidle's Firing is Indicative of the Collapse of Birmingham

John Bennett, writing in the American Thinker, said "[Virginia Spidle's] lawsuit seems to be one symptom of a larger problem. ... Birmingham is simply past the point where legal, structural, or policy changes will ameliorate cultural pathology."

Human Rights Commission Urged to Expand Their Scope to Include City Government

Among the latest initiatives to celebrate the fifty years of progress in civil rights, the City Council under the leadership of Council member Jonathan Austin proposed an anti-discrimination ordinance.   Both the proclamation and the proposed ordinance have been submitted to the Mayor’s office and the City Law Department. The newly proposed ordinance would call for a city-wide human rights commission to address discrimination in employment, housing, and accommodation.

Spidle Files Reverse Race Suit Against The City of Birmingham

LawSuit Style

January 11, 2013 - Virginia Spidle has filed a complaint against the City of Birmingham for reverse race discrimination. Mrs. Spidle, a 24-year employee of the City, was accused of racial discrimination and dismissed in 2010. Recently, she was awarded back pay and returned to work in a different position.

In her complaint, Spidle details how racial animus fueled an atmosphere of hostility toward all Caucasian employees of the City's finance department. Below is the full complaint filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

Joining The March of History: NAACP Honors Gayle Gear

On Sunday September 23rd, the Birmingham chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) held its annual Continuing Community Service Awards Ceremony at the First Baptist Church of Graymont. Branch President Hezekiah Jackson was the master of ceremonies for a night honoring members of the community who have made outstanding contributions through selfless service.

Poor People Catch Hell: Single Mother of Two Fights to Stay Free of Debtor's Prison

This is the story of how a single mother was abused by for-profit justice and how a “probation loan” turned into an arrest warrant. In the following report, Chade reflects on the hardship imposed on her by Judicial Correction Services (JCS) and the Hoover Municipal Court. Read below the story of how the judicially sponsored profit venture padded their pockets with hundreds of dollars from a single mother of two. The following report unfolded in Valinda Chappell’s interview of Chade.

Poor People Catch Hell: Birmingham Caught in The Privatization Trap

The practice of granting probation to an offender is a highly regarded practice because it allows the court greater flexibility while affording offenders more time to pay fines, court courts and other fees assessed related to the infraction. What has recently come under scrutiny is the role of privatization in probationary services within the municipal courts in the State of Alabama.