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Update on Spidle’s Federal Court Litigation: Progress stalled in Civil Rights Movement.

Despite the recent flurry of ceremonies and construction of monuments in celebration of 50 years of progress, Birmingham City stands accused of racial discrimination in a federal lawsuit filed by Virginia Spidle on January 11, 2013.  Spidle, the City’s Chief Accountant, a 24 year City employee was wrongfully terminated twice by the City, once in 2010 and the second time weeks after the Jefferson County Personnel Board ordered her reinstatement in 2012. The City has since invited her back to work. She is now assigned to the City’s Public Work Department. Covers The American Thinker and The Collapse of Birmingham

The Birmingham News/ has picked up the American Thinker article about the Collapse of Birmingham. The News' Joseph Bryant first covered the story on Friday here. Saturday, Bryant spoke with John T. Bennett the author of the original piece and published that interview in a follow up here.